How to Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful Forever


Almost everyone wishes to keep young and youthful looking skin well into old age. Yet, if you look around you will see that most people have allowed their skin to age decades ahead of its time. These people did not know the secrets of how to keep their skin from aging. Luckily, you do not need to follow in their footsteps. This article is going to reveal four ways to make your skin practically ageless. They are all extremely easy to implement. Lets take a look at what you need to do.

  • Supplement with omega 3 oils- This practice is absolutely critical if you desire healthy, supple skin. Omega 3 oils will greatly increase the elasticity of your skin as well as repair skin that has already been damaged. You will not be able to have ageless skin without proper intake of these critical fats. Don’t worry about gaining any weight due to the increased fat intake omega oil supplementation represents. Omega oils have actually been shown to aid in weight loss. Your skin and entire body cannot be totally healthy until you take in plenty of omega 3s. Here is the best possible way to consume omega 3 oil for maximum benefits. Buy pure cold pressed flax seed oil, widely available at grocery stores. Mix one tablespoon oil into a small bowl of cottage cheese. Do this twice daily. You will not believe how much it will help your skin and your overall health. The fats in the flax oil bind with the sulfur based proteins in the cottage cheese allowing for much better absorption and utilization. Be sure to mix them.
  • Drink lots of pure water- This is another major factor in skin and whole body health. Water flushes built up toxins and pollutants from your body and lubricates the different layers of the skin allowing wrinkles to melt away. Your skin will begin to glow after several days of increased water intake. Be sure the water you are drinking is pure. City tap water is not recommended. You can buy gallon jugs of spring water less for than a dollar. I always consume at least a half once of water for every pound of body weight. So if I weigh 150lbs I will consume at least 75oz of water per day. You may need more if you live in a hot climate.
  • Consume wheatgrass   juice – I start every day with a double shot of wheatgrass  juice   mixed  with a little cayenne pepper. This provides for huge amounts of energy during my day. I actually feel my life energy increasing after drinking a little wheatgrass  juice . When your whole body becomes healthier you skin follows suit. You will likely notice that wheatgrass has the power to revitalize your skin, removing years of age in a short amount of time. It has also been shown to keep hair from graying. Don’t skip this valuable practice. Doing so will sabotage the results you get. If you don’t like the taste of wheatgrass  juice  all you have to do is  mix  it with fruit  juice . You wont even be able to taste it.
  • Use a high end age reduction cream- By utilizing the more advanced anti aging skin care products you can shave a decade off of your appearance in a matter of weeks. This step will provide the most immediate results and will work synergistically with the other three practices described. You will be amazed to see what the best age reducing creams can do. I have fully researched and all of the contenders in the age reducing skin care cream market and have found one that stands out above all the rest. You can read my review of it by clicking the link in the authors box at the end of the article. I would highly recommend you look into it if you desire exceptional, ageless skin.
  • There you have it! Four skin care practices that will allow you to keep your young healthy skin for all of the years of your life. You need to make everyone of the above points into a habit that goes on automatically everyday. You will not receive the results you desire with sporadic efforts. Everything I mentioned above is easy to implement and easy to stick to. Do yourself the favor of following the skin care program I have outlined here. I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.


    Healthy Juicer Recipes


    When it comes to healthy juicer recipes, many people tend to get confused because it’s a new concept for most. Of course everyone is familiar with fruit   juices  such as orange, apple and grape varieties. But when talking about juicer recipes, many incorporate the use of green and colorful vegetables. The first thing you might think is how unpleasant a  juice  like this might taste but the fact is that these  juices  are delicious, healthy and energy promoting. If you are interested in seeing what these powerful  juices  can do for you, consider trying one or more of these awesome healthy juicer recipes.

    Green Lemonade

    -5 Big Leaves of Kale

    -3 Apples, Cored

    -1/2 Lemon, Peeled

    Simply  juice  the components (stems and all) and you will be left with a smooth, light drink that really tastes like lemonade with a hint of sweet apple. You can’t even taste the kale which is great news for children and those who have a hard time consuming their greens.

    Cool Cucumber Medley

    -1 Cup Spinach

    -1/2 Cucumber

    -1/2 Apple

    -2 Stalks Celery

    -3 Carrots

    While the color can be a little intimidating, this is likely to become one of your most favorite refreshments especially when it’s warm outside. While the carrots and celery play a small role in the taste, the cucumber and apple really offers a nice sweetness to the mix. And don’t peel your veggies before  juicing  them either! If you are worried about pesticides then make sure to buy your veggies organic.

    Orange Banana Passion

    -1 Orange

    -3 Bananas

    -1/2 Ginger Stalk

    -a handful of Mint

    There are a myriad of tastes that come to life when you make this  juice . It’s zingy yet sweet at the same time and provides plenty of energy to keep you going until lunch. You can also incorporate your favorite fruits into the  juice  for some variety. For example, try adding fresh berries to the mix to change the color and add a little more sweetness.

    How to Make These  Juices 

    It’s pretty obvious that you can’t just chop up these fruits and veggies and get them to turn into something drinkable. What you need is a good juicer or two, depending on how you want to produce your own  juices  at home. There are wheatgrass juicers, manual juicers, citrus juicers and power juicers to choose from.

    Some people choose to use a power juicer for all their needs, while others use a citrus juicer for their fruits, another juicer for their greens, and then  mix  the  juices  together in the end. It really all depends on your own personal preferences and what kinds of healthy juicer recipes you like to consume the most. If you are really into citrus you might not need a power juicer but if you like to  juice  veggies such as carrots and broccoli, you will probably want to invest in a power juicer of some kind.


    All About a Vita Mix Blender


    Vita Mix recognized the role of blenders, mixers, shakers and similar gadgets in the kitchen and came out with what they call the super blender. This is the Vita mix blender. Vita Mix Company made this high quality blender with the purpose of simplifying but diversifying the functions that it can do for you in your kitchen. Here are some important facts:


    These highly prized blenders have been in the market since the 19th century, serving people and their kitchen needs. Since then the tradition has been passed from one generation to another and each generation has modified the Vita Mix blender to suit the relevant needs of the existing society. The Vita Mix blender has now become a leading item in household blenders because it incorporates the discoveries of the past with the dynamic technology of today’s’ x-generation.

    A Super Blender

    The Vita Mix blender is not just any ordinary blender. It is a super blender that can whip out in a matter of minutes, about 50 processes ranging from blending, crushing ice, grinding rice grains, preparing shakes and much more. You get all the advantages of a variety of blenders for a price of one. Not all blenders have the intricate features of the vita Mix blender – the super blender.

    Health Implications

    The machine also serves the purpose of providing healthy   juices  and nutritious blends that will not only help you enjoy the tasty concoction but will also provide you essential nutrients and vitamins that your body needs for staying healthy. This is also a good complementary machine for those who want to lose weight, those who have cardiovascular diseases and those who are vegetarians. This delightful blender serves as a vital aid in the promotion of healthy living and well-being. You can satiate the cravings of your palate and stay healthy as well.

    A Household Favorite

    The simple blender has evolved through the years to be the super blender that it is today. Availability in the market has also been maximized. Vita Mix is easily accessible online and offline with different models and designs. It is a household favorite because of its many features and is ahead of its contemporaries in terms of significant features, versatility, compactness, durability, and usefulness.

    Future Trends

    The future holds a more sophisticated but affordable machine for all families. This high quality appliance will be staying long in the kitchen of families as an essential tool to facilitate kitchen chores and to help families stay healthy and fit.

    If you still do not have a Vita Mix blender, then you are missing out on many benefits. You only need one machine to do dozens of processes for you. If you are a smart and responsible kitchen person, then you will not want to be left behind without this machine. A machine that simplifies your kitchen workload and helps you concoct healthy  mixes ,  juices  and many more, for your family and friends. Go grab your blender now, and start enjoying its benefits.


    Health Benefits of Asparagus Juice


    Asparagus  juice  can be very stimulating when there is a long and strenuous mental work ahead of us. Due to the high content of folic acid, asparagus is the perfect food for pregnant women or women who are planning to expand their family. Folic acid helps before and during pregnancy, and prevents major birth defects.

    Asparagus Ingredients

    Asparagus is an excellent source of vitamin C, B2 and B6. Those are the vitamins that beneficially affect the general health of the body, and aid the normal heart function. Apart from the micro nutrients, 100 grams of fresh asparagus contains 20 calories, 2.20 grams of protein, 3.88 grams of carbohydrate, 0.12 grams of fat, 2.10 grams of cellulose and 93.22 grams of water.

    Asparagus improves digestion and helps with constipation. It is considered to be a natural diuretic, as well as a means to relieve PMS, arthritis, high blood pressure and weak capillaries. It contains one of the most powerful antioxidants – glutathione (GSH). GSH is a very potent anti-carcinogen that protects the skin from malignancy.

    In old China, some 3000 years ago, asparagus was used as medicine against coughs and ulcers. It was also used to alleviate pain and swelling in the legs. In France, asparagus was applied as a tool for breaking up kidney stones. It has long been known to possess strong aphrodisiac properties.

    The Alkaloid Asparagine

    As we have seen, asparagus contains a number of beneficial ingredients, but one of them – asparagine – is found in relatively high concentrations. Asparagine belongs to the group of chemical compounds called alkaloids. Alkaloids are metabolic products of many living organisms, but they are mostly abundant in the plants. The majority of them are alkaline and contain nitrogen atoms.

    Asparagine is a non essential amino acid (protein). However, it is established that the nervous system requires it for proper functioning. If not taken directly, our body is capable of synthesizing asparagine on its own. Even though it need not be present in the diet, it is desirable to get it along with the other vital nutrients from the asparagus  juice . If asparagus is not taken as raw ingredient, the nutritive value of asparagine is lost. This means that the only way to ensure maximum health benefit is to prepare asparagus  juice .

    Health Benefits of Asparagus  Juice 

    If prepared as  juice , asparagus can be very useful as a diuretic. It should be combined with some carrot  juice  – otherwise it is unusually strong and could have an sudden impact on the functioning of the kidneys.

    When consumed moderately and gradually it can help with some kidney dysfunctions. The positive effect are due to the impact of the nutritive components of asparagus  juice  on the breaking up of the oxalic stones in the kidneys and muscular system.

    It is also very good in regulating problems with the glandular system, (prostate gland) and rheumatism. Consuming large quantities of meat and various meat products can lead to generating excessive metabolic products such as urea. These, in turn, can be the root cause of rheumatism and similar dysfunctions. It also puts a burden on and affects the normal function of the excretion organs.

    It is recommended that anemic persons and convalescents take a lot of asparagus  juice . Some people use asparagus as  juice  in order to ease diabetes, but in these cases it should be used in conjunction with other more specific healthy drinks.


    Most Effective Ways of Curing Your Acne Naturally Once and For All – Part One


    There are several over the counter medications for acne cure with each manufacturer claiming that they have a permanent cure to the skin problem. Really I get pissed off with most of the false claim of companies and dermatologist that says things like “Apply or spray this product 3 times daily and your skin will be clear”. Some even go to the extent of misleading acne sufferers and lure them into purchasing their product endlessly.

    Which product actually works for acne? Sincerely, as a former acne sufferer who has tried almost all the conventional acne treatment took kit out there, I can make it bold to say that none of them give a permanent solution to acne treatment. They only reduce the outbreak upon usage and upon discontinuing it, you start experiencing fresh acne outbreak again.

    If you really want to permanently cure your acne, then you should start thinking of natural remedies. That was the big secret that I discovered. The secret your dermatologists have been hiding from you all these years. Because of the length of this article, the 30 effective ways of curing your acne naturally will be divided into two parts.

    1. Food rich in zinc and vitamin A, B and E, can improve and cure acne considerably in a few weeks.

    2. Carbohydrate foods with low glycemic index have the tendency to improve acne by certain amount.

    3. Grinding nutmeg (a food spicer) and mixing with milk then applying on your acne for about 2 hours will work magic.

    4. Mix cinnamon powder with honey to form a paste. Apply it on the spot where you have acne overnight and wash off with warm water next morning. Continue this for two weeks and you will see tangible result.

    5. If your skin is not too sensitive, then this is for you. Get a mixture of appropriate lemon   juice  and cinnamon powder and  mix  properly then apply on the spot. If you notice redness, dilute with water or discontinue usage.

    6. The paste you squeeze from your orange peel when you mash it in water is also good for acne cure. Just apply on the spot.

    7. Although some people hate the smell of garlic, it is very medicinal in curing acne. You can remove the smell by soaking it in milk. Just apply fresh garlic on and around the affected area. Do this until pimples have disappeared

    8. This method is very good for those who want to prevent the formation of blackhead and acne – Mix a tablespoon of groundnut oil and fresh lime.

    9. Applying fresh diluted mint  juice  on the face every night after a warm bath is good for the treatment of acne.

    10. Grinding drumstick pods and leaves with a mixture of fresh lime  juice  diluted in warm water and applying on acne, blackheads and scars.

    11. Apply a paste of fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves over the face before going to bed for about 15 minutes and wash with warm water.

    12. Apply  juice  of pawpaw skin and seed on the facial outbreak caused by acne.

    13. Fresh lime  juice   mixed  with a glass of boiled milk is good as a face wash for pimples, blackheads, acne.

    14. Use rose water and lime  juice   mixed  in equal proportion and applied on affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with tepid water.

    15. Squeeze out the  juice  in ripe tomato or cucumber pulp and apply on acne pimples and keep up to 1 hour, then wash with warm water.


    Making Homemade Wine With Grape Juice


    It is possible to make a decent wine using ordinary household items and grape juice from concentrate. You will need 3 cans of grape juice concentrate. You need enough to equal 144 ounces when prepared. Read the labels to determine this amount. You will also need ½ cup of sugar, and yes, you need real sugar and a gallon jug.

    The idea is to keep it as cheap as possible so any old milk or juice jug should do the trick. You will also need water for this process; distilled water does not work very well for this purpose. Regular tap water works best. Oh, don’t forget the balloons these are imperative.

    The final ingredient is yeast and you will also need a pin. There are a few accessory items that will be needed, namely a siphoning hose, a funnel and a measuring cup. Now that we have all of our ingredients we are ready to make our wine. What you have may not look like much but these common items will produce a most remarkable common wine.

    The yeast is the most important of all of the ingredients. Without yeast fermentation could not take place. It is used to make all alcoholic beverages. Yeast is a fungus that eats the sugar combined with the water and what they excrete is alcohol. This is a very simple explanation for the process of fermentation but it is accurate. There is yeast made exclusively for making wine but baker’s yeast will do in a pinch. It gives the wine a very strong and pungent flavor.

    1. Make the grape juice but only use two cans of water per container of concentrate. The yeast will eat a lot of sugar so you want more concentrate than juice. Another consideration when making wine from grape juice is the high acid content of concentrated grape juice. You will need to neutralize the acidity of the grape juice. This should be done before you add the yeast. The method here will neutralize about 50% of the acid. Using a common antacid in the amount of 500mils per 1.3 liters you can neutralize enough acid to make your wine actually taste more like wine than grape juice. Crush the tablets and mix them into the grape juice. Another tried and true method is to simply add 1 teaspoon of baking soda per gallon of grape juice. This concludes step one.

    2. Shake the mixture up well. This is also a very important step. The juice needs to be properly aerated for the process to work to perfection. Now add the sugar and shake again, make sure it all dissolves to avoid flavor problems later on.

    3. Hydrate the yeast before adding it to the mixture. Follow the directions on the package, let stand before stirring. Now add a few spoonful’s of sugar and watch out for the foaming action. Use the funnel to add all of the ingredients to the jug. This will help to avoid spillage. Shake vigorously to completely incorporate the mixture into the juice.

    4. Put a few pinholes in a balloon and firmly seat the balloon on the top of the jug. When fermentation takes place the pinholes will allow gases to escape. Push the ballooning end inside the container and if you desire use a rubber band to hold the end in place around the mouth of the jug.

    All that is left is the wait. Within 12 hours you should be able to see and hear signs of the fermentation process. The balloon should begin to rise from the inside of the jug. If this takes more than 24 hours you may need to add additional yeast. In 2-3 weeks the second stage of fermentation should begin.

    The balloon is the indicator if it has deflated then it is time to remove it and add the cap. Now place the jug in a cool place that is around 55 degress and let sit for a month or two for the best flavor. If you strain the finished product into a new container it will give you a better quality wine.


    Kid’s Party Drinks and Punch – Recipes and Ideas


    When you are planning the menu for your child’s party, it is important to remember that the drinks are just as important as the food. If the party is held on a hot summer day you want a cooling beverage and if it’s during the winter something warming is called for.

    The choices you make should be related to the age of the children who will be attending the event. Although, you will find that many beverages are suitable for any age group.

    If you will be serving an older crowd, consider non-alcoholic versions of drinks such as piña colada’s and flavored daiquiris, such as strawberry. These can easily be made without the addition of alcohol. You have the option of buying the ‘pre-mixed’ drink mix or making them from scratch. Give them different names than the alcoholic version so when they tell their parents about the party they won’t mention they had marguerites but lime slushies.

    Fruit smoothies are a good option and can be made ahead. An easy to remember recipe is a half gallon of   juice  to one large container of yogurt and ½ pound of fruit. Add ingredients in batches and blend well. Store refrigerated until party time, then shake well before serving. You could garnish each glass with a slice of the fruit you used in the smoothie.

    If you have your heart set on serving punch, there are thousands of recipes to choose from. If you are expecting a crowd, serving punch is very economical. The following recipe for ‘Banana Party Punch’ is a refreshing change from traditional red fruit punch. (Makes approximately 30 servings.)

    4 cups sugar

    6 cups water

    5 mashed bananas

    1 can frozen orange  juice 

    1 can frozen lemonade

    1 can pineapple  juice 

    2 quarts 7-Up soda (should be room temperature)

    Boil water and sugar for three minutes. Let cool.

     Mix   juices , following the instructions on each can.

     Mix  together the bananas and all of the prepared  juices . Add sugar and water mixture. Freeze.

    To serve: thaw punch for two to three hours. Slowly add 7-UP. This punch is best served when it is still slushy.

    Any punch can be kept cold with a decorative ice mold. Fill a small bowl with about an inch of water then freeze. Place a few lemon or lime slices on the frozen layer and cover with another inch of water. Repeat until the bowl is full. Add to the punch when serving as the ice bowl melts it releases the lemon and lime slices into the punch.

    For a cold day serve a warm punch. Use apple  juice  as the base or green tea. Heat to nearly boiling. Add sliced lemons, oranges, cloves and cinnamon sticks. Strain before serving.

    And of course there is the old standby of hot chocolate. If your party guests are at least grade school age consider a hot chocolate beverage bar. Fill a Styrofoam cup about two thirds full of your favorite hot chocolate. Offer an array of condiments for the guests to add themselves such as mini marshmallows, small peppermint candy canes, chocolate chips, fresh raspberries, orange slices, caramel ice cream topping and of course whipped topping.


    Juicing Tips


    A simple way to increase your good health is by nutrients provided through  juicing .  Juicing  may give you energy to exercise, along with protein for creating muscles. Juicing  is not an exact science. Try as you will, splashes of  juice  may wind up on your counter top and everywhere else.

     Juicing  is an exceptional way to enhance your nutrient and vitamin intake while you’re on the go. These tips could be possibly a helping hand, so read on!

    Picking out the Juicer. Choose your juicer with care, make sure that the one you choose can be quickly and easily dismantled and cleaned. Decide what foods you want to  juice  and how frequently you will use the machine Get yourself a high quality, well made juicer that is capable of operating at lower speeds.  Juicing  at higher speeds generates more heat, which can reduce the nutrients that are your primary goal for  juicing ..

    Go organic.Studies show that the nutritional outline of organic produce is always better than its non-organic counterparts, sometimes significantly so. The organic produces are affluent in many nutrients that would otherwise cant’ be found in non-organic soils.

    Mixin’ Up. Experimenting flavors might be a tedious thing to do but never be afraid! When  juicing , combine fruits with fruits and veggies with veggies. Don’t mix fruits and vegetable, with the exception of apples. Apples can be  mixed  in with vegetables when  juicing , adding some unique flavor to many vegetable  juices .

    Combining fruits and vegetables will lower the bio-availability of the  juice  you are drinking and therefore make it less nutritious, clearly the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

    Recycling Pulp. Consider returning some of the pulp to your  juice . Pulp has fiber and other nutrients that will give your  juice  more nutrition. The amount you choose to add back into your  juice  is a personal preference, but the extra fiber is important to your diet.

    Drink Them Fresh.  Juicing  is a great way to stock up your fridge but you should bear in mind that, if you don’t take precautions, refrigeration can cause color changes in the  juice . Time is of the essence when it comes to freshly made  juice . Once  juiced , fruits and vegetables lose their protective outer skin and are now open to oxidation.

    Take it Slow. Enjoy your  juices , and take your time when you drink. Try to savor the  juice  with time, and taste all of the flavors. Drinking your  juices  slowly will help you digest them well. You won’t be chewing, but there is a benefit in digestion as food mixes with the saliva in your mouth. Sip your  juice  slowly. This also prevents sugar rushing to your bloodstream when drinking fruit  juices .

     Juicing  is a nutritious and delicious addition onto anyone’s life. Use  juicing  as an easy method to supplement your diet with healthy ingredients without spending your time cooking. Indeed, one of the best ways to consume the vitamins and nutrients in your body needs in a pinch is by  juicing . So make juicer your new best friend.  Juice  Every Day. Even twice a day.


    Chemical Free Home – The Benefits of Lemon Juice


    Lemon  juice  has long been used as a kitchen and general purpose cleaner. Along with other members of the citrus family including Oranges and Limes, Lemon acts as a deodoriser in addition to its cleaning ability. Lemons are amongst the most versatile of fruits.

    In days of old Lemons were often used for cleaning. Lemon oil and lemon rind were also commonly used as cleaners. All of the best chemical free cleaning methods used today were tried and tested by our grandmothers and grandfathers of yesterday. Commercial cleaning contractors are also using many natural alternatives including Lemon  juice  as safer chemical free options to traditional cleaners in domestic homes and units.

    Before you begin cutting into the lemons in your fruit bowl there are a couple of considerations.  Juice  from lemons may tarnish some metals if you do not rinse the item thoroughly after cleaning, Fabric should be spot tested before cleaning and be aware that the sugars in lemon  juice  will leave a sticky coating on the surface being cleaned unless it is thoroughly rinsed to remove the lemon  juice .

    The  juice  from Lemons¬† can be used as a tannin releaser making it an ideal cleaner for coffee and tea stains as well as other tannin type stains. The application of lemon  juice  on these types of stains would depend on the surface that is being cleaned. On hard surfaces such as bench tops a lemon can simply be cut in half and rubbed over the stain. The acids in the lemon will work to release the tannin therefore removing the stain.

    • On clothing, it can be added directly to the stain (after spot testing the fabric) before adding to the wash.
    • The  juice  can also be added to other natural household cleaning options to make cleaning solutions for a variety of situations.
    •  Mixing  lemon  juice  with vinegar to form a poultice which can be used to clean hard surfaces such as bench tops.
    • An abrasive cleaner can be made by sifting wood ash and  mixing  with lemon  juice  to form an abrasive paste which can be used to clean metal utensils, scratch proof ceramics and similar items.
    • Lemon  juice  makes an ideal cleaner and deodoriser for refrigerators and freezers.
    • Poultices and pastes should be made as required and used within 24 hours.

    Fresh lemons are the best and have the highest acid content however, lemon  juice  which can be purchased from the local supermarket is an ideal back-up. Lemon essence is a (usually) synthetic flavouring used to flavour cooking. It is not usually suited to cleaning processes but may be suitable for a deodoriser in microwave ovens, refrigerators, freezers etc. Fresh and Organic is always my preferred choice.

    © Eric J. Smith


    Juice Fasting – A Guide


    A word from us on the subject of  juice  fasting, when you think about it in this day and age a lot of variable quality foodstuff get consumed with little or no regard for the 42 odd feet of tubing that makes up our digestive tract. Yup 42 feet between you mouth and your butt, stands to reason that it needs some maintenance once in a while.

    Lethargy, inability to concentrate, flatulence, I.B.S, skin and hair problems are all signals that the digestion of your food it not quite happening as well as it should. Skin problems in particular can just be as a result of nutrient just not reaching the skin, a sure signal of an inefficient gut. So what can we do to help ourselves?

    Fasting is a good way to give your body a rest from its normal day to day duties and giving it a chance to concentrate on kicking out stored toxins and other nastiness.  Juice  fasts are a particularly effective tool as while you fast from solid food you feed your body with a ready supply of no-effort liquid super nutrition in the form of cold pressed organic  juices . Super.

    The detoxification headache: if you life a caffeine-convenience food-booze lifestyle then do expect to feel worse before you feel better! When you body takes this opportunity to kick stored toxins out, you can expect to fill a little low, queasy and or headachy, perfectly normal and stick with it, the end result is well worth it.

    A few cautions, a fast if you’re not used to it should not be entered into lightly, you must consult your healthcare professional before embarking on any fasting regime! Fasting should not be attempted by infants, elderly, pregnant people and those recovering from illness and or on medication.

    So, still interested in doing a  juice  fast? well good for you! The thing to do is to start slowly, with a 1 day fast, it may not sound like much but if fasting is new to you it’s plenty to begin with. So have a look at the fasting plans below and with the help of a trained health professional investigate the health giving power of a fast.

    The one day  juice  fast is a great way to suck it and see, I would think if you are reading this you are already familiar with  juicing  and are a bit of a health fan ready to take it to the next level. Good work!

    Pre fast is important, the body responds best to gentle treatment so going from Burger King to 7 day fast Queen is not a good idea. Prepare your body with the following steps, cut out sugar and caffeine for a day before the fast and eat lightly and freshly on the day before your fast.

    Your pre- fast day

    No caffeine or cut right down, no sugar we want nice stable blood sugar.

    Start the day with a glass of warm water with a twist of lemon in.

    For breakfast keep it light, yogurt and fruit, brown rice and steamed veggies. Try and avoid manufactured cereal.

    Have a  juice  for a mid morning snack.

    For lunch, have a salad, no meat just salad and veggies maybe rice or pasta but make the rice or pasta 10% of the overall meal

    Have a  juice  for an afternoon snack.

    Dinner again keep it a light salad, no need for any rice or pasta at this time of the day, have fruit for desert.

    You can drink as much water as you like but not with meals, in between meal times and stop at 2 litres per day.

    If you crave sugar sweeten with honey or black strap molasses.

    The Fast Day

    The first thing to do is relax and enjoy the day, this is a day for you, so use this as a guideline, don’t be too rigid about the schedule nor hard on yourself if you slip!

    On rising: drink a glass of warm water with a squeak of lemon in

    10 am: have your first  juice , make it and drink it fresh, after all this is a day centered on fresh living. Mix fruit and veggies have a half pint

    11 am: time for another glass of water, filtered or bottled

    12 pm: the second  juice  of the day, make this vegetables only, again half a pint, include beet and ginger

    1.30 pm: another glass of water, and take a leisurely stroll or do some gentle stretching

    3 pm:  juice  number three, less veggies more fruit and add citrus as this will help cleanse

    4pm: another half pint of water or herbal tea or infusion

    6pm: the last  juice  of the day, give it some body with a banana but no citrus fruit

    8pm: another glass of water or herbal tea, nothing too perky though, you want a restful night

    10 pm: Time for bed, if you haven’t tucked up already, wind down with a relaxing bath or massage

    Breaking the fast

    On rising, be gentle with yourself, have a glass of warm water or herbal tea and start with a glass of  mixed  fruit and vegetable  juice . When it’s time for the first solid food, have a vegetarian salad or fruit and yoghurt and ease for self back slowing into normal living. Try to adopt eating light and  juicing  regularly as a lifestyle. Have a look at some more juicer and blender recipes too.