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A Guideline On Stock Photography There is so much art involved in photography. When we talk about art, there are so many different categories involves, same as with photography. Some people are familiar with formal photography, photojournalism, and documentary. People are more familiar with stock photography since it is the kind of photography that we encounter all the time. Stock photography can be spotted while we do our day to day errands like driving to work or maybe picking up laundry. So what exactly is stock photography? You may be walking down the road and spot a commercial area wherein you can put up an ad of your business and if it is not yet in use, a stock photo is placed to keep it occupied for the moment. If you wish to save time and money on your ad, you can always just use stock photographs because they are cheaper and you no longer have to pay a professional photographer to take new photos for your ad. Do not worry because these pictures are still taken by a professional but there is no main purpose other than being placed on a catalog and purchased by those who need stock photographs. Photography is an art form and seldom is it okay for people to allow other companies and organizations to take credit of their work of art. It is very much like using a certain song for your work and paying the artist for it. There are some people that are far to cheap to pay for such photos so they go ahead and take them from illegal sharing sites. This is why technology is truly a blessing an a curse because photographers are not getting paid for their hard work due to the unlimited access to the photos that the internet can provide. You might have observed that photographs have signatures somewhere in one corner and this is called a watermark created to protect the ownership of the photograph. The website where stock photos are sold has a strict policy and will not allow anyone to just copy their pictures without paying. You can no longer click and save the photo to your computer without asking permission form the website. It is as simple as wanting the photograph, paying for it, and then copying it to your computer. Everything now is for sale so you can bet that you cannot get a stock photo for free. There are some websites that do give it out for free but the quality of the photos is not as good. Keep in mind that anything of poor quality would also be cheaper or even free.The Ultimate Guide to Photography

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